Creative Packaging Project for Campbell Soup Company Results in $28,000 Sale

creative packaging for Campbells by Hawver Display

Building a relationship with a local marketing agency led Duane and Phil Mertz of Proforma Branding Solutions in Norwalk, CT to earning a $28,000 sale for a Campbell Soup Company project. Last year, Duane, Phil and PLP, Hawver Display had a collaborative prospecting meeting with Circle One Marketing to explain how they partner to deliver packaging and display solutions. Circle One kept. Proforma Branding Solutions in mind, and contacted them this January when Campbell's needed a creative packaging project done quickly.

Campbell's is moving away from its traditional soup cans, and introducing soups in new aseptic packaging. They wanted to give each of their salespeople a high-end sales kit that featured four soups in their new product packaging. In addition to the kits, they also wanted to provide salespeople with sales letters and sell sheets introducing the new items to grocery chain buyers. However, they needed all of these materials in less than 30 days - a deadline Campbell's own production department couldn't meet.

Duane and Phil reached out to Hawver for help, and they had a prototype kit completed in just one day! With the product packaging design Hawver created, all four new Campbell's soup packages could be presented in a very professional manner. MVPLP, Dupli-Systems also came through, printing and sending out all of the needed collateral just two days after receiving the artwork.

Both Circle One and Campbell's complimented Proforma Branding Solutions on providing a solution that was delivered within a very tight time frame, and was right on­ target with what the client had envisioned. Duane and Phil are now read to add projects to their pipeline by working with the agency on additional projects that require creative product display solutions.

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