Our Team

Meet the people that will make your product POP.

While our 50,000 square foot facility and state-of-the-art equipment and technology are impressive, they would be nothing without the equally impressive minds that drive them. Our team brings exceptional creativity and craftsmanship to every Point-of-Purchase display challenge we’re presented with.

We're consistently producing custom retail displays that exceed client expectations and, most importantly, deliver measurable results.


The creativity and excitement that our team brings to work everyday is the reason Hawver is an award-winning company. Our close-knit culture and collaborative work environment promotes ingenuity and ensures that Hawver continually produces outstanding and unique displays.

  • Tim Culver | Hawver Display | Retail and POP Display ManufacturersTim Culver | Hawver Display | Retail and POP Display Manufacturers
    • Tim Culver

      Owner and President

    • Owner and President

    Tim Culver

    “The Head Honcho”

    Tim drives Hawver; he is the force behind sales and marketing. In addition to overseeing all departments, he is also deeply involved with every project for his customers. Tim joined Hawver as operations manager. A natural problem-solver, he tackled industrial design challenges, improved processes and made Hawver an overall better place. After being promoted to GM, then VP, he bought Hawver to become part-owner with his wife, Joanne --and we’re happy he did.

    Even when he is not busy working, Tim is always staying active.

  • Joanne Culver | Hawver Display | Retail and POP Display ManufacturersJoanne Culver | Hawver Display | Retail and POP Display Manufacturers
    • Joanne Culver

      Vice President of Sales

    • Vice President of Sales

    Joanne Culver

    "The Go-Getter"

    Actively pursuing new business, Joanne is the face of the company--always traveling out of the office to service accounts. After beginning her career in advertising, Joanne joined Hawver 25 years ago. She is currently part-owner and VP of sales. She loves the creativity and excitement that come with each new project, all while seeing the company’s visions come to life in realistic ways. Joanne loves the family culture at Hawver and is excited to see the company continue its growth.

    Out of the office, Joanne enjoys spending time outdoors and finding new ways to stay active.

  • Dan Nistico | Hawver Display | Retail and POP Display ManufacturersDan Nistico | Hawver Display | Retail and POP Display Manufacturers
    • Dan Nistico

      Manager of Customer Relations

    • Manager of Customer Relations

    Dan Nistico

    “The People Person”

    Simply put, Dan is a details guy. He is immersed in all aspects of every project, ensuring everything stays on track from start to finish. But most importantly, he does all he can to make sure our clients are happy. He is constantly finding new ways to exceed customer expectations and provide support anyway possible.

    When not at the office, Dan enjoys spending time with his 2-year-old granddaughter. In addition, he continues to pursue his lifelong passion for soccer by coaching an Over 40 team and playing on Over 40 and Over 50 teams—he’s even represented the U.S. in Europe!

  • John McCausland | Hawver Display | Retail and POP Display ManufacturersJohn McCausland | Hawver Display | Retail and POP Display Manufacturers
    • John McCausland


    • Estimating

    John McCausland

    “The Expert Estimator”

    With 35 years of experience, John is an expert estimator. A major component to Hawver’s success, John is responsible for producing quotes based on requests from clients. John puts his knowledge of Hawver’s process, the display solution industry and the needs and wants of the client together in order to create an estimate that works for everyone. He is driven by the desire to see Hawver succeed, prosper and grow.

    A true New York man, John follows his favorite sports teams, which include the Bills, the Sabres and the Yankees, in his spare time. He also follows his photography passion whenever possible.

  • Joe Marasco | Hawver Display | Retail and POP Display ManufacturersJoe Marasco | Hawver Display | Retail and POP Display Manufacturers
    • Joe Marasco


    • Controller

    Joe Marasco

    "The Numbers Man"

    Working with vendors, customers and lenders alike, Joe’s always been our finance expert--and has been since accounting was done with a pen and paper. It’s safe to say that if the numbers don’t work, Joe doesn’t sleep. Debits and credits may be his expertise, but he appreciates the amazing creativity of our people.

    In his spare time, Joe expresses his own inventiveness by creating wood carvings. Born and raised in Rochester, he also proudly serves as a Spencerport Rotarian.

  • Jeff O'Shea | Hawver Display | Retail and POP Display ManufacturersJeff O'Shea | Hawver Display | Retail and POP Display Manufacturers
    • Jeff O'Shea

      Lead Structural Designer

    • Lead Structural Designer

    Jeff O'Shea

    “The Design Guy”

    Jeff is our CAD guy. (We think it’s ingrained into his DNA.) He has the innate ability to turn creative vision into 3-dimensional reality. It may begin as simple as a napkin sketch, but Jeff is able to transform the idea into a CAD drawing and prototype, working until the design reaches perfection.

    While Jeff loves the family atmosphere here at Hawver, he also enjoys spending time with his own family in Hilton.

  • Cindy Bauman | Hawver Display | Retail and POP Display ManufacturersCindy Bauman | Hawver Display | Retail and POP Display Manufacturers
    • Cindy Bauman


    • Purchasing

    Cindy Bauman

    “The Bargain Shopper”

    Cindy is vital in making sure our process stays true to Hawver’s objective - getting the highest quality display at the best possible price. Client satisfaction is her goal, and she is always on the hunt for what will bring them the most value. Cindy is driven by trying to find new products that can be introduced into a display, and loves to find a great deal. She says that she enjoys shopping, so surfing the web to look for new products is right up her alley.

    When Cindy isn’t busy hunting for deals, she spends time with her family and friends. During the summer months, she loves to work in her garden and be outside.

  • Joel Peterson | Hawver Display | Retail and POP Display ManufacturersJoel Peterson | Hawver Display | Retail and POP Display Manufacturers
    • Joel Peterson


    • Designer/Illustrator

    Joel Peterson

    "The Artist"

    Joel is a designer and illustrator here at Hawver, but the foundation of Joel’s ability is his training in the fine arts. With an undergraduate degree from SUNY Geneseo with specializations in printmaking and jewelry design, Joel went on the earn a Master’s of Fine Arts from the University of Illinois in Jewelry and Metals. The discipline of jewelry design coupled with years of experience in the Trade Show industry has given Joel expertise in the materials and processes necessary to design and produce with efficiency and elegance. Everyday he strives to find the balance within his work, creating simple yet beautiful designs.

    In his free time, you might find him (or not find him) deep in the woods; hiking, fishing or camping. He also enjoys home renovation and motorcycling.

  • Don Preston | Hawver Display | Retail and POP Display ManufacturersDon Preston | Hawver Display | Retail and POP Display Manufacturers
    • Don Preston

      Plant Manager

    • Plant Manager

    Don Preston

    “The Perfectionist”

    Don is our plant manager, meaning he is in charge of making sure every project is up to Hawver standards. His main job is to channel the creative talent here and translate it into a real time, physical display with timeliness and efficiency. He is motivated by being a part of every project we work on and seeing the teams come together to create something unique for each challenge we get. As the plant manager, Don is the last one to handle the project, so he uses his years of experience to make sure each display is a perfect, creative solution.

    When not busy helping to keep Hawver successful, Don likes to spend time outdoors and enjoys camping and water skiing.

  • Pete Schwamberger | Hawver Display | Retail and POP Display ManufacturersPete Schwamberger | Hawver Display | Retail and POP Display Manufacturers
    • Pete Schwamberger

      Account Executive

    • Account Executive

    Pete Schwamberger

    “The Middle Man”

    After over 30 years of experience, Pete has become a pro at an essential aspect of new business. Keeping Hawver thriving, Pete is skilled at locating potential clients that would benefit from a point-of-purchase solution. He interfaces between both Hawver and the client, looking out for both interests involved - he aims to become a trusted advisor that will strive to see the partnership between the firms work out in the best way possible, for all involved. Pete is passionate about the work at Hawver, because he is able to offer clients completely unique products. Each new project comes with it’s own set of needs and challenges, which keeps everyday exciting.

    Outside of the office, Pete is a self-proclaimed sports car fanatic. He has bought and sold hundreds of examples over the last 40 years, and has acquired a small collection.