Our Process

While each project is unique, we use our expert process to get the job done

Hawver’s process is designed to work for you. We put our expertise and experience to work to achieve results and exceed client expectations. Our 7-step process will take you from design to production, and here’s how it works.


Needs Assessment

process tree

If you already have a creative idea, we’ll bring your vision to life. Rely on our experience to create a unique display solution with exceptional POP. We’ll ask targeted questions to determine the proper specifications of your project, such as:

  • Campaign theme

  • Target audience

  • Brand guidelines

  • Longevity

  • Number

  • Budget


This is the start of something great. Because knowing all the bells and whistles at our disposal multiplies the possibilities for your display, we’ll give you recommendations on things like:

  • Size & Configuration

  • Maximize Your Brand

  • Material Options

  • Special features



We explore fresh, creative concepts and present recommendations as digital renderings

Design is our exploration phase. We brainstorm until we uncover totally fresh and creative concepts that are unique to your product. Your goals aligned with our experience of point-of-purchase displays are no match for the regular retail world.


3D Rendering

We’ll make your vision come to life

This step is where your initial idea and our creative vision for your product starts to become a reality. After our initial discussion, we will render an image of your product for review.



We provide functioning prototypes at actual scale

This is where your initial idea and our creative vision for your product begin to come to life. At this stage, we provide a functioning prototype of the design you chose, at actual scale. You will be able to realize that your dream POP is now within reach.



Our expert designers are dedicated to your success

This is when our seasoned graphic and structural designers put their minds and skill set towards developing the best way to build your chosen solution. Whatever size the project may be, our design team makes sure that every detail is thought out and planned for.



Our state-of-the-art facility begins to make its presence felt

After we have figured out how to perfectly craft your product, we get to work. Of course we will design all of the pieces, but did you know we’re even capable of pre-assembling your display in-house? So it’s ready to go when it arrives at your desired destination.



Delivering your display to its final destination

No matter what, how many, or where, we ensure delivery of your display to its final destination. On time. Every time. We are even able to fill merchandisers with customer supplied product if needed. The process is easy for you, so you can count on us to make sure everything is done right.