Marketing Kits

When POP comes in a kit, retail success is sure to follow

Marketing and press kits hold great promotional power by working to tell the full story about your product, service or upcoming event.

Revolutionize Your Product

Marketing Kits - For Marketing Initiatives That Last, Trust Hawver

Our extensive marketing experience can help make your custom kit an impressive one. An effective kit or mailer should organize your essential message like a self-guided tour and make the experience a memorable one with unusual elements, materials or even actual product.

In addition to being an effective way of reaching a large target audience, a well designed kit with a strong concept will last, keeping your message alive and continuously making new sales.

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Make the experience a memorable one with unusual elements, materials or even actual product.

Display Solutions

  • Permanent Counter Displays

    We can create unique displays that are sure to grab customer attention, and are also built to last. Whether your display will encourage customer interaction or be equipped with sounds and lights that grab attention, we will create something unique for your brand.

    Permanent Counter Displays for retail
  • Marketing Kits

    Keep sales coming in the door and promote your brand for a long-time to come with a custom created marketing kit. Whether you are looking to promote a product, service or special event, Hawver can help you organize your message in a meaningful and memorable way.

    marketing kits for retail by Hawver Display
  • Merchandising Displays

    Achieve brand harmony with a merchandising display, which holds your product securely and is easily assembled. Within this broad category, we can create a merchandiser that works perfectly with your line of products, and looks great.

    merchandising displays and custom merchandise display
  • Countertop Displays

    Whether it's a simple counter card or an elaborate multi-tier display, you can trust Hawver’s superior design staff create the right combination of these features to deliver a unique countertop display solution designed with one purpose — to get attention at retail.

    table top display and countertop displays
  • Floor Displays

    Your product can make a lasting impression with a custom-designed floor display. Customers will be drawn to your product with a life-size standee or a cardboard floor display as the center of attention in the normally busy retail world. Make sure your message does not get missed!

    cardboard floor displays, life size displays
  • Pole Topper Displays

    To put your message a cut above, look to Pole Toppers. These exciting and attention-grabbing displays will have your product breaking the shelf barrier by towering over competing products. Raise customer awareness of your brand in a powerful way.

    Pole Topper Display by Hawver